The yin-yang ball, symbol in a higher dimension 2019.0117Rev.2019.0121 DRAFT

In the early 1990's I became interested in higher-dimensional forms of the yin-yang symbol and quickly discovered that a light heart and a dark heart placed end-to-end form a yin-yang symbol when viewed from the side. The profundity of the new symbol immediately struck me, as in a single symbol it unites body, heart and intellect. It unites shadow and light, too, and all the other dancing pairs found in the classic two-dimensional symbol. It struck me that it was also a timely symbol of harmony among widely-differing people on Earth.

I wore the yin-yang ball as a bead (often with a zen circle for balance), put it on websites, and assumed it would immediately be taken and exploited as a corporate symbol or at least as a decorative fad. In more than a quarter of a century nothing of the kind happened! It reminds me of the time I walked down a busy street cradling a living white dove in my hands, and only children noticed. Adults, it seems, are about their business!

Here are two views of the yin-yang ball, with love in the service of harmony on Earth: