Seed Practice, or What I do2019.0116Rev.2019.0126 DRAFT

Here is how I practice:
    I practice like a seed, sitting on the ground, sending roots through soil, and holding leaves to light.

First and foremost a seed sits on the ground.
    First and foremost I sit, upright and still, alone and with others, regularly.
    This is called zazen.

A seed sends roots through soil.
    I engage with effort and do not shun the daily labor and soil of life.

A seed holds leaves to light.
    I pray (often passionately) to or as if to God, and I pay attention to luminous words, old and new.

I hold out my arms, like branches or wings of care and inquiry,
    and with them I embrace the world.

I travel the world, watering seeds,
    and I keep practicing like a seed on the ground.

In zazen I gently and continually return attention to breath,
                            noticing everything.
            In zazen, zazen itself is my only prayer.