Ace Obstacle Removal (An offer) 2019.0123Rev.2019.0124 DRAFT

I remove obstacles to enlightenment. That’s my job. Am I enlightened? Compared to what? Compared to fifty years ago I am blindingly enlightened: In the interim I got what I came for. (How about you?) To awaken is to awaken continually: Compared to what may come, who knows?

The biggest mistake
you can make
is to dream you’re awake.

This is my experience: A terrible hell is the hell of complacency, the hell of smug or mediocre life, life without energy or purpose. People with friends and interests but who have never fully traced the effects of their own attitudes and actions are still soundly asleep. People who know they are in hell have a huge advantage. Of course you are already enlightened, but I say that mainly to help you make sense of glimpses: It’s better to aim for the changeless, and that usually takes time and the right kind of effort. You already have all it takes. That is my experience.

I share basic meditative practice, including prayer to or as if to God. I call this Seed Practice: In it one practices like a seed on the ground, sitting upright and still (this is called zazen) and metaphorically sending roots through soil and holding leaves to light. Sometimes I call it Grounded Prayer—zazen-grounded prayer—with full and balanced appeal to heart and intellect. No forced faith or belief is needed, and you don't need me.

For those "not interested in the God part" I'm happy to recommend and share zazen without mention of God. If even "enlightenment" sounds overblown to you, then I'm also happy to recommend and share simple upright sitting with you. It helps.

I have been reluctant to call myself a teacher: What I am is a student—a student of the Universe, and I pass along what I learn. That makes me at best a student-teacher or teacher-in-training. I am strongly self-teaching, and sometimes I think that if I can teach at all, it is only to the strongly self-teaching. However, the strongly self-teaching are few and I care for many. I am open to teaching anyone with a passion to learn, and I am forever learning myself. I never charge for any teaching, and I often point to teachers better suited to immediate needs than I am.

Please don’t waste this life, or me. Ask a question, you (beautiful) fool! The answer may be silent.