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My name is Greg, aka Puzzleboy. I am autistic. Have you noticed the number and severity of problems we humans now face, both globally and personally? It’s as if we are all in a boat together and headed for a reef! Naturally then I try to save all beings in every way possible, without expecting to end all trouble. Whether trying to prevent disaster, or helping others to cope and even thrive emotionally with whatever arises, or simply pointing to reality, I strongly recommend what I practice myself: I recommend the practice of shared quiet presence. A potent form of this is zazen, immobile upright sitting together, ideally cross-legged.

Quiet self-restraint by even a few people clears the way for lively peaceful action. Zazen is a center and not a wheel, but a wheel does need a center. One is of course free to hold to an existing creed, or to none. If you already have a strong zazen practice then these are good times to strengthen that practice further, and to support zazen everywhere. It happens that as an autistic person I can actually meet people only in zazen, so I have a personal incentive to help establish and to sustain this remarkable practice.

Old people, a world dazzled by youth needs wise counsel now – particularly where it proceeds from a practice of shared quiet presence. I am an autistic person fighting for life and for all liveliness throughout space and time.

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