The Theory

The Sparseness Adaptation Syndrome
These opening chapters of a draft book put the original autism theory on a more solid footing, with troubling result as you may see. Autism is not directly mentioned in the chapters thus far, and there is a shift in emphasis from autism to violence. However, you can easily trace the original autism connection in the Archive below, with due allowance for the improved reasoning of the draft chapters.
  Introduction: Introduction
  Chapter 1: On augmenting Darwin
  Chapter 2: General observations: Read these later.
  Chapter 3: Competition & cooperation vary geographically.
  Chapter 4: Innate abilities vary geographically.
  Chapter 5: Race-correlated sparseness adaptation and the history of eugenics

  Dragon Puzzle Story proposes a venue for safe exploration of systematic human differences.
  Dragon Puzzle Story: Self-building brain theory and its link to practice

Archive: Whence Autism? Adaptation to low population density yields traits correlated with autism and male gender.
            A Topological Theory of Autism (2000, 1st capture 2002)
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