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2018.1113: Chester to Shasta:

2018.1013: Quincy to Chester:

2018.1003: Sierra City to Quincy:

2018.0920: South Lake Tahoe to Sierra City:

2018.0909: Reds Meadow (Mammoth) to South Lake Tahoe:

At the cabin
Fattening Paul up
Some line up cars, other Cliff Bars (a sponsor!) / Brian, Paul, Greg, Anlor
Brian cheers Paul back onto the PCT!
And off into the sunset...

2018.0905: Paul has made it to Tahoe in fine form! He'll be sending pictures and journal entries soon.

2018.0831: Paul successfully bypassed the Donnell Fire by hitchhiking from Sonora Pass to Bridgeport on Highway 395, then catching a ride from a local friend up to Ebbetts Pass. From there he is now wending his way to Tahoe, where a rendezvous with fans is planned! He'll send fresh pictures and journal entries when he gets to Tahoe. Stay tuned.

2018.0817: Paul has made it to Tuolumne Meadows in Yosemite. He has decided to press forward toward Sonora Pass and the Donnell Fire, which has closed the PCT north of the pass. If the trail has not opened by the time he gets there he plans to bypass the blocked region by means yet to be determined. Stay tuned!

2018.0810: Forester Pass to Reds Meadow (Mammoth):

 Wildfire smoke

John Muir Hut ↑ at Muir Pass, by Evolution Basin

2018.0806: The PCT is closed from Sonora Pass to Ebbetts Pass due to the Donnell Fire. Paul is over fifty air miles south of this yet, so conditions will change before he's in the area. However, he is definitely battling smokey air from multiple fires already.

2018.0804: Paul checked in from Lake Edison via satellite phone at the lake. He reports having encountered numerous lightning storms but all is well. He will give a full update when he arrives in the Mammoth Lakes area within the week. Stay tuned!

2018.0720: Kennedy Meadows to Forester Pass:

2018.0719: Paul is fine and presently near Mt. Whitney. He'll be sending a report in the next couple of days. Stay tuned!

2018.0704: Walker Pass to Kennedy Meadows:

(Kennedy Meadows)

2018.0627: Heading toward Walker Pass:

2018.0626: Paul is fine and resting near Walker Pass, about four days short of Kennedy Meadows. Stay tuned for further details as they arrive...
2018.0624: Still no word from Paul. His original estimate was that he would come into radio range on the 25th or 26th. Stay tuned...
2018.0620: The food supply box and bear canister for the Sierra have arrived at Kennedy Meadows General Store, awaiting pickup by Paul sometime in the next few days. No word from him yet. Stay tuned...
2018.0614: The sendoff at Tehachapi Pass:

The Pacific Crest Trail is 2,650 miles long and runs across desert, over rugged peaks, through mosquitoes and on to boreal snows. Paul Nussbaum, autism self-advocate and seasoned expeditioneer, has set himself the challenge of a solo journey along the full length of the PCT, showcasing the strength, ability, and courage to be found in autism. Paul set out from Tehachapi Pass on June 14, 2018.

Paul is a veteran of many expeditions in the Sierra and the Rocky Mountains, including week-long journeys in the depth of winter. He is fully outfitted and has backing from the autism organizations AASCEND , Ascendigo , and generous private donors. All contributions above his $1K goal will also go toward covering expenses for transportation, food to be shipped to stopping points along the way, and incidental equipment costs. You can support his effort here. Thank you for supporting Paul's vision that shows what is possible in autism, and that is an inspiration to all, especially to young people on the autism spectrum!