Updates on Paul Nussbaum's progress along the Pacific Crest Trail:

2018.0620: The food supply box and bear canister for the Sierra have arrived at Kennedy Meadows General Store, awaiting pickup by Paul sometime in the next few days. No word from him yet. Stay tuned...

You can support Paul's effort here!

The Pacific Crest Trail is 2,650 miles long and runs across desert, over rugged peaks, through mosquitoes and on to boreal snows. Paul Nussbaum, autism self-advocate and seasoned expeditioneer, has set himself the challenge of a solo journey along the full length of the PCT, showcasing the strength, ability, and courage to be found in autism. Paul set out from Tehachapi Pass on June 14, 2018.

Paul is a veteran of many expeditions in the Sierra and the Rocky Mountains, including week-long journeys in the depth of winter. He is fully outfitted and has backing from the autism organizations AASCEND , Ascendigo , and generous private donors. At this point Paul is over $1000 short of covering expenses for transportation, food to be shipped to stopping points along the way, and incidental equipment costs. You can support his effort here. Thank you for supporting Paul's vision that shows what is possible in autism, and that is an inspiration to all, especially to young people on the autism spectrum!