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Expedition-autism: Greenland 2017! is off to a strong start. A team is already largely in place for the expedition to cross the Greenland ice cap in the Spring of 2017. This expedition will dramatically showcase the abilities of autistic adults, model effective collaboration of autistic and neurotypical team members, and capture the imagination of autistic youth worldwide.

The Greenland crossing will underscore the global impact of adult autism and of positive responses to it. A filmed documentary about the expedition will communicate its positive message for years to come. You can help support the team for the adventure and later cheer them on!

Expedition Autism: Greenland 2017! is spearheaded by Paul Nussbaum, the autistic veteran of a trans-Sierra autism-awareness ski expedition he organized in 2006 with the backing of the Autism Adult Spectrum Coalition for Education, Networking and Development. is one of America's oldest adult autism advocacy nonprofits., a nonprofit providing An Athletic Experience for Autism has now taken up the Greenland project, and with its significant resources and experience in winter sports and outdoor leadership has moved the Greenland project forward dramatically.

In January of 2016 Paul Nussbaum and a team assembled through Ascendigo undertook and completed a successful test expedition in the frigid snows along the Snake River in Yellowstone National Park. (See following satellite plot.) Nine team members, including candidates for the Greenland trek, hauled heavily-laden sledges through the snows for eight days, giving a chance to locate any weaknesses in the gear and to identify specific areas where further physical training is needed.

All went very well with the test run in Yellowstone. Much was learned. Equipment bugs are being ironed out and potential Greenland team members have begun rigorous physical training for the next phase of the project, a 100-mile proving run slated for January 21 to 28, 2017. The main event, the Greenland crossing proper, is planned for the Spring of 2017, with the icecap traverse itself taking about a month.

The Greenland expedition is also endorsed by AASCEND and the Autistic Global Initiative, an adult autism project of the Autism Research Institute ( which offers these words of support: "The Autism Research Institute encourages this worthy effort for the autism community."

Logistics for the expedition are being arranged through outfitters specializing in Arctic travel. The team members are of course volunteers but other costs of the expedition must be underwritten through donations from individuals, groups, and corporations inspired by its timely and positive message. A Donate button will soon be available.

We can use concrete help from autistic and neurotypical people alike in order to bring this project to success. We invite you and your organization to add voices and labors of support to this path-breaking demonstration that autism is far more than a disability. Please contribute to our team-building and preparation efforts -- and spread the word!

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