Autsit 2018

We had an intimate Autsit this year, with four participants (after a late cancellation). We followed the same schedule as last year, but threw in an ambitious cross-country hike on the third day. It was pretty grueling for back-country newcomers, but all came through in fine fettle. The weather was spectacular, with snowbanks decorating the peaks like jewels. We used frankincense from Ethiopia, and chanted the Metta Sutta (Lovingkindness Meditation).


The food was as always varied, pretty, and tasty.


Tom takes the fetid waters of Glen Alpine Springs.


Anlor with the five-foot staff of zen.


Here's where the cross-country, the hard part, begins.


The cross-country going was not easy, and held a mirror to the mind. With a little intention and effort perseverance manifested.


After losing and recovering a light-saber water bottle, we made it to Susie Lake where John, veteran of a swim across the English Channel, went for a dip (the white streak on the left there) and commented, "It's colder than the Bay." Indeed. That's a practice to focus the mind.


John summons the fires of Tummo.


Tasting the decidedly non-fetid treats of the Fallen Leaf Store Cafe, which was open this year!